Contents Restoration and Recovery

Professional Contents Restoration and Recovery

Contents Processing Centre (CPC Windsor) provides contents restoration and recovery and professional ultrasonic cleaning services for items that have been damaged by fire, flood, water, mold, and smoke.  Our Fireline Systems and Esporta Wash System technologies enable us to provide contents restoration and recovery services for many items that were previously believed to be unrecoverable. Check out the list of examples of soft goodshard goods and electronic items that we can now clean, recover, and restore.

CPC Windsor Offers On-Site Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Space!

In addition to contents restoration and recovery, CPC Windsor also offers on-site secure, climate-controlled storage space to homeowners, businesses, and third-party contractors in and around the Windsor-Essex County area that are in need of storing their valuable contents.  Our secure, climate-controlled storage area will protect your belongings from theft and preserve your belongings from experiencing environmental damage from temperature changes (cold and humidity), mold, pests, and bugs for as long as you need to store them.

Using Ultrasonic Technology to Professionally Clean and Recover Electronics!

Fireline Systems is an industry leader when it comes to contents restoration and recovery technology. By incorporating ultrasonic technology, the development of advanced detergent solutions, ergonomic engineering and new, electronics cleaning techniques, the Fireline Systems process empowers factory trained and certified Precision Cleaning Specialists to restore and recover a continually expanding list of previously unrecoverable, often expensive items, which include electronics.