Local Partner for Contents Restoration and Recovery

CPC – Expert Restoration and Recovery Services

Contents Processing Centre is pleased to offer its contents restoration, cleaning and recovery services to Southwestern Ontario contractors providing disaster cleanup and restoration services.

CPC – Focused on Contents Restoration!

Contents Processing Centre is a proud member of the Restoration Alliance, an industry organization promoting professionalism and responsibility in the restoration Industry.

We are fully focused on contents restoration. All of our time and investments are associated with the processes, technologies and equipment required to be successful in the content restoration industry. We adhere to industry standard procedures relating to contents inventory management and our team members are factory trained in the operation and appropriate application of the Esporta Wash and Fireline Systems technologies.

CPC’s expert contents processing team have also achieved certification as qualified Ultrasonics Restoration Technicians and Electronics Restoration Technicians providing them with a solid knowledge and skill set related to restoration, cleaning and recovery of damaged contents from fire damage, flood damage, water damage, smoke or soot damage, odours and other contaminants.

CPC – First Class Talent and Equipment!

  • Our cleaning specialists have the knowledge, skill and experience you can rely upon to provide expert restoration and cleaning services promptly and affordably. We approach every restoration project with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and respect for the client’s contents.
  • Our Esporta Wash System equipment for cleaning, disinfecting and freshening “soft” goods provides industry leading restorations that are clean, 99.9997% bacteria-free and fresh smelling.
  • Our Fireline Ultrasonics System eliminates almost all of the costly hand-cleaning labour required to clean “hard” goods. With this great reduction in hand-cleaning labour, you can count on us to provide a quick turn-around with amazing results.
  • Our Fireline Electronics Restoration System allows us to restore or clean just about any electrical or electronic product to nearly new condition.
  • We offer secure, climate-controlled storage areas for your clients’ contents during your renovations to their building.