Esporta Cleaning Process – Rejuvenating Soft Goods

The Esporta Wash System

The 4 step Esporta Cleaning Process using patented technology:


  • pH neutral washing at low temperatures kill 99.9997% of mould, bacteria, fungus and viruses
  • The detergent is environmentally safe
  • Removes odours including smoke, sewer and bodily odours
  • Designed NOT to damage leathers, fabrics and foams
  • Includes a brightening agent
  • Contains solvents to emulsify oil based (sweat) soils


  • Proven process uses water pressure to clean and penetrate
  • Items are held stationary while the paddle wheel rotates through the water
  • Hydraulic pressure forces out all of the contaminants using detergent

Forced Additive

  • Neutralizes the Penetrator Detergent and penetrates all bacteria, viruses and mould spores, killing them chemically on contact

Signature Fragrance

  • Aromatic fragrance (a combination of 140 different natural oil extracts including mint, orange peel and vanilla flower) introduces a fresh renewed pleasant fragrance that lasts for weeks