Esporta Wash System – Cleans, Disinfects, and Freshens!

Esporta Wash System Provides Industrial Strength Cleaning!

Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that the patented Esporta Wash System process effectively kills 99.9997% of the harmful bacteria, mould, and fungus found in hard and soft goods such as plastic, leather, camping gear, open and closed foams, rubbers, and safety reflective tape. Contents Processing Centre specializes in providing industrial cleaning services for small and large companies.

We Clean Personal Protective Equipment!

The Esporta Wash System, originally designed to clean, disinfect, and freshen sports gear such as hockey and football equipment, is now being used to clean personal protective equipment such as Firefighters Bunker Gear, SWAT Team protective gear, Military Protective Gear, business and household items.

The Esporta Wash System has proven effective in the complete restoration and recovery of “soft” items that have been damaged by fire, smoke, water and unpleasant odours WITHOUT THE USE OF OZONE.