Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology and Contents Restoration

When ultrasonics was first introduced to the restoration industry back in 1999, the cleaning results were initially mediocre. However, after continuing research and development, those results have improved considerably. Today, with advanced equipment, specifically engineered chemicals and professional hands-on training programs, ultrasonic cleaning has evolved as the preferred and most effective method of successfully processing items suffering damage from fire, smoke, soot, sewer and water.

Other contamination issues such as mould, heat scale, and oxides are easily resolved using the ultrasonic process and metal parts that have acquired rust as a result of water damage can usually be restored to their original condition.

CPC – Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning Specialists!

Contents Processing Centre’s Fireline Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning Specialists are professionally-trained and have been officially certified as Ultrasonic Restoration Technicians by the Restoration Alliance.

Fireline’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Process, also known as precision cleaning, uses technology that has been used by various industries for decades. This method of cleaning is especially effective when cleaning items with intricate detail or unique configuration. The cavitation activity produced by high frequency sound waves cleans contaminated items inside and out. When properly applied, this unique cleaning method has proven itself to be ideally suited for restoration applications.

CPC successfully uses the Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning Process for content restoration and recovery of a wide range of “hard” goods that have suffered from fire damage, smoke damage, soot damage, flood damage, water or sewer contaminants.