Industrial, Automotive, and Technological Equipment Restoration and Cleaning Services

State-of-the-Art Equipment Restoration Technology

Contents Processing Centre employs state-of-the-art restoration technology that is safe for even the most sensitive types of equipment in a variety of industries including large and small-scale items.

Large-Scale and Small-Scale Contents Restoration and Cleaning Services

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most preferred method used for restoring and decontaminating equipment of a delicate nature in any industry. Ultrasonic Cleaning technology functions by using high frequency sound waves to produce a vigorous and thorough cleansing action by agitating an aqueous cleaning solution that covers external parts and hard to reach internal cavities of objects.

By providing a thorough cleaning that is both safe for the item and the environment (by using non-toxic solvents), Ultrasonic Cleaning has proven its effectiveness and importance when cleaning highly sensitive materials, parts, and technology used in automotive, industrial, medical, electronic and telecommunication industries.

For large-scale and confidential equipment restoration, CPC has the expertise and technology to safely and effectively clean and restore items that would require on-site processing.

Although on-site cleaning services are occasionally required, it is preferred that equipment restoration and cleaning take place at the CPC Windsor facility.

All items that are thought to be damaged or that are not functioning properly will be thoroughly inspected by a trained and certified Electronics Restoration Technician.

Depending on the type of industry, our restoration specialists will be looking for evidence of exposure to water, fire, smoke, and soot, oil residues, grease, fluids, varnishes, oxides or rust, embedded dirt or dust, and much more.

In most cases, CPC equipment restoration technicians will carefully be able to restore items back to their proper working conditions by removing moisture, deposits and contaminants that often lead to corrosion and permanent damage when untreated.

Restoration is cost-effective and good for the environment.

Some examples of restoration costs:

Automotive Parts
from $18.00

Rust Removal / Corrosion Treatment
from $35.00

Commercial Appliances
from $50.00

Power Tools
from $10.00

Outdoor Patio Furniture
from $15.00

Camping Equipment
from $15.00

Sensitive equipment, industrial parts, and high-tech systems that can be successfully restored and cleaned by CPC Windsor include:

  • Automotive / Motorcycle Parts and Equipment
  • Commercial Alarm / Security Systems
  • Large-Scale Computers and Computer Related Components
  • Construction Equipment
  • Servers / Data Centers
  • Information and Communication Technologies Equipment
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Medical Equipment and Medical Beds
  • Military Communication Systems
  • Networking Equipment
  • Photocopiers / Multi-Copy Machines
  • Point of Sale Equipment – Cash Registers
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Tool & Die Equipment and Components

It is recommended that routine maintenance cleaning be conducted for optimal performance and for extending the life of technological equipment.