Contents Processing Centre has long been implementing statistical programming techniques to improve our claims process and increase our customer service capabilities. We continue to update our processes and have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and customer service.


Using your current Data, CPC can provide insights into strategic planning, process development and implementation. Where there is no Data, CPC is available for consulting and development of infrastructure, tools, interactive dashboards and web applications.


Based on your needs we will develop hypotheticals and prepare appropriate models using algorithmic intelligence.

Consultation is free and projects are scalable based on your needs:

  • Data Cleaning and Visualization
  • Geospatial Insurance Claim Occurrence Modelling
  • Product Database Management
  • Sales and Business Trend Analysis
  • Statistical Modelling and Algorithmic Intelligence
  • Cost Analysis for Catastrophic Claim Events
  • Underwriting Analysis from Historical Data
  • Quantitative Financial Analysis
  • Business Growth Modelling
  • Geospatial Feature Analysis

Consultation requests can be made at