Contents Processing Centre provides Windsor and Essex County with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the Contents Recovery and Cleaning Industry.

CPC takes pride in our commitment to the environment.

We are continually adapting and improving our procedures with each claim to reflect the least environmental impact.

Our process driven cleaning facility in coordination with our experienced inventory teams minimizes claim overages. Having many years of experience working with your insurance company translates to the best potential outcome with guaranteed results and value.

The CPC team will provide the expected care, respect and consideration when dealing with insurance claims representatives and their clients that have experienced damage to their personal property.

As a leader in the Content Recovery and Cleaning industry Contents Processing Centre will be continuously adapting and increasing the services we offer both to the insurance industry and the public sector.

Our growth will continue to be substantial in the coming years.

As a member of CAMM, The Canadian Association of Mold Makers. Our facility and teams provide supply chain, maintenance and refurbishment cleaning.

We are currently obtaining our ISO certification for manufacturing.


Contents Processing Centre offers a variety of recovery and cleaning services. 

Contents Valuation
On-Site Cleaning


Contents Processing
Packing and Inventory
Qualified Inspections
Contents Handling


Contents Processing
Soft Goods Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Precision Cleaning


Contents Return
Claim Report

The Earth’s resources are limited and with the steady increase in recurring disasters around the globe; Humanity needs to take steps to limit the constant depletion of our resources to rebuild and replenish lost items and structures unnecessarily.