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Contents Processing Centre provides Windsor and Essex County with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the Contents Recovery and Cleaning Industry.

CPC takes pride in our commitment to the environment.

Contents Processing Centre (CPC) has been serving Windsor and Essex County for over 10 years, restoring personal and business property using environmentally friendly cleaning techniques.

Content evaluation specialists work to ensure that heirloom furnishings, photographs, valuable artwork and keepsakes are given the care needed to recover them after a loss. Clothing items and soft contents are processed using a Hydraulic Wash System that return items to a pre-loss, residual free and hypoallergenic state. Electronics are cleaned using trusted aqueous technology that has been available since 1948.

Contents Processing Centre’s hope is that our claims process will be the standard for the future, providing relief from the continued stress on our planet’s natural resources. The yearly secondary carbon cost just for replacing personal property and structural materials from insurance claims is approaching 5 million metric tons of CO2e which does not consider mitigation services, labour or claims handling. 

CPC additionally provides specialty teams for cleaning sensitive equipment such as computer servers and electronics equipment across Ontario.

Data Analysts are available to review contents claim settlements across Canada including data consulting, cleaning and feature modeling.

Part of our continued success in customer service, quality cleaning results and reputation as a leader in contents restoration, can be attributed to the process framework that our technicians work within. Efficiently documenting, tracking and verifying items throughout the entire process allows CPC to operate as a production facility supported by content evaluation specialists working in the field.

CPC has naturally progressed into the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance to the ISO9001 standard verified by NSF. The accreditation guarantees trust in quality assurance, continued improvement and on time delivery.

Our QMS system supports manufacturers in automotive supply chain ultrasonic cleaning using environmentally responsible techniques.

Contents Processing Centre is versatile in our cleaning capabilities and will develop and implement specific process to meet the needs of our clients. Quote requests can be submitted through our website or parts can be submitted for testing at our facility.

CPC highlights our eco-initiatives by hosting an annual Earth Day Event which is open to the public showcasing many of the local green businesses. Information is available on our website; if you are interested in joining our Green Networking Group or participating in our Earth Day event.


Contents Processing Centre offers a variety of recovery and cleaning services. 

Contents Valuation
On-Site Cleaning


Contents Processing
Packing and Inventory
Qualified Inspections
Contents Handling


Contents Processing
Soft Goods Cleaning
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Precision Cleaning


Contents Return
Claim Report

The Earth’s resources are limited and with the steady increase in recurring disasters around the globe; Humanity needs to take steps to limit the constant depletion of our resources to rebuild and replenish lost items and structures unnecessarily.