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Soft goods are processed using the Esporta Wash System which has been proven to remove 99.99% of contaminants and detergents leaving the items hypo-allergenic and residual free. Items are additionally tested for bacteria before and after washing.

CPC recovers on average more than 80% of claim affected soft goods using this technology.

Unnecessarily replacing soft contents when a loss occurs doubles the environmental impact as the original item has not reached its life expectancy having been replaced with new.

The global impact of the textile industry is on track to reach 4.9 Gigatons in carbon emissions by 2030. Textile manufacturing is considered to be one of the most toxic industries as a great deal of water is used in the process in addition to complex supply chains and infrastructure.

The Esporta Wash System aligns with our environmentally friendly cleaning practices providing high quality soft contents restoration; Using less water and detergents than conventional wash.

Using hydraulic rather than mechanical action allows our machines to clean many items that would generally not be considered.

  • Intricate, delicate fabrics, heirloom treasures
  • Clothing items, jackets, furs, footwear and household fabrics
  • Sports equipment including skates, helmets, pads, cleats are easily washed removing any trace of oils and bacteria
  • Dresses, dress suits and formal wear
  • Industrial uniforms, welding helmets, hardhats and safety gear
  • Military equipment, bunker gear and protective vests
  • Camping equipment, backpacks and luggage
  • Theatrical costumes, mascots and stuffed animals

Cleaning Success: Esporta Examples

Recovery RateReplacement CostLandfill Offsets mtCarbon Offsets mt

Our soft contents division has the capacity to process your teams equipment during the offseason or break to ensure that players are using optimized gear. Team plans are available.