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Our precision ultrasonic automotive supply chain cleaning division is equipped to process all types of manufactured parts and materials. Effectively meeting or exceeding cleanliness standards in all measurables.

Quote requests can be submitted through the website or by simply contacting one of our representatives. Please indicate the size, weight, material and expected volume in your submission.

Production staff will customize and develop a profile and control plan for each part to ensure traceability and consistent cleaning results.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient and consistent process for cleaning parts and components. Our lines will adapt to any product requirements implementing the latest technologies in order to meet our cleaning standards.

Introductory test cleaning is an option for new or current clients to aid in development of the parts profile, process and increase the accuracy of our quotation. 

Test parts can be submitted upon request and we hope that representatives will attend our facility for a tour when they arrive

Our facility has been reviewed by General Motors (GM) representatives and has consistently met their cleaning standards for critical parts.

Our technicians and production staff are experienced working within automotive and manufacturing environments.

Sensitive manufactured parts and systems that can be processed using ultrasonic cleaning:

  • Engine Components, Manifolds and Covers
  • Compression Springs, Rods and Pulleys
  • Castings and Fasteners
  • Crank and Cam Shafts
  • Plates and Mounting Brackets
  • Gears and Clutch Systems
  • Machinery Components
  • Transmission Parts
  • Wastegates, Turbines and Forged Wheels
  • Carburetor Parts
  • Control Arms and tie rods
  • Frame Components, Stabilizers and Coil Springs
  • Suspension Parts



Be confident in outsourcing your supply chain cleaning to a qualified firm