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Wood furniture and furnishings are often considered for restoration rather than replacement. Our process includes preliminary cleaning to ensure that restoration is required.

The average repair can be completed for much less than what it would cost to replace the item.

Though sustainable there is an environmental cost in reproducing a piece that would have endured for hundreds of years; aside from the fact that many pieces are irreplaceable being part of a family’s history and passed down through the generations.

Our team has restored hundreds of pieces over the years guaranteed to the client’s satisfaction always keeping with original finishes and aesthetic.

In addition to furniture restoration, CPC reupholsters soft furniture, cushions and furnishings.


Our team can stabilize and restore valuable artwork, heirloom photos, paintings and photography. Often our cleaning capabilities are adequate to restore pieces to a pre-loss condition. When required we offer high detail cleaning, odour treatment, canvas repairs, frame repairs, paint touchups, reframing and gilding.

Photographs are often reproducible through cloud storage or personal archives. CPC technicians will always identify and remove photographs and personal documents for restorative cleaning and potential reproduction.

Sensitive documents and records can be stabilized and recovered or reproduced at our cleaning facility.

Contact the experts at CPC to discuss restoration options.