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Ultrasonic cleaning is the most preferred method used for restoring and decontaminating equipment of a delicate nature in any industry. Ultrasonic cleaning technology functions by using high frequency sound waves to produce a vigorous and thorough cleansing action by agitating an aqueous cleaning solution that covers external parts and hard to reach internal cavities of objects.

CPC provides ultrasonic supply chain and maintenance cleaning for manufactured parts. Upon request technicians will develop a detailed process based on a test clean sampling and guarantee consistency in cleaning standards. Parts under repair can be returned to a base condition ultrasonically or through media blasting and precision cleaning.

Precision ultrasonic cleaning is completed using non-toxic solvents which are safe for the environment and the component parts or items.

Parts are catalogued and processed based on the material type and contaminants. Aluminum components are cleaned separately from steel to limit the potential for discoloration.

By outsourcing the intricate cleaning you can efficiently manage your time in process and limit the risk for damages and cleaning degradation.

Ultrasonic Cleaning has proven its effectiveness and importance when cleaning highly sensitive materials, parts, and technology used in automotive and industrial applications.

Onsite services are available but preferable that components are shipped or submitted to our facility conveniently located in the Oldcastle manufacturing district.

Standard items include:

  • Manufactured automotive components
  • Machinery components and inserts
  • Injection mold disassembled components, bolts, pads, inserts
  • Hydraulic manifolds, springs, pin bars, candle filters and valves
  • Circuitry, fans and cooling systems
  • Motors, appliances and electrical systems
  • Logic controllers, drivers and casings
  • Tool and die equipment and components
  • Laboratory instruments

Ultrasonic Cleaning Quote

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