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Our consistent 80% recovery rate for claim affected electronics is a direct result of the standard process we use for handling electronics claims. Unbiased inspections and precision cleaning allow CPC to ensure our clients are provided with the highest care possible.

The first step is to stabilize the items, which often is accomplished by removing them from the loss location to our facility. Special drying cabinets and drying rooms are enlisted to ensure results. Assisting our technicians identifying affected items during the content evaluation will ensure our overall success on your claim.

Wet smart phones or tablets can be placed into a desiccant such as rice or returned to CPC and dried using the electronics drying chamber. Affected items should be unplugged provided there are no safety concerns such as deep water or non-grounded circuits.

Attempting to power up the item prior to drying could corrupt the data and render the information unrecoverable.

Inspections are for hardware only. Technicians will not require access to any personal data.

Technicians make every effort to handle sensitive devices containing personal information with care and concern and will additionally sort out any USB drives, SD cards, and camera cards that may contain personal information.

CPC is focused on contents restoration!