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Replacement Cost Valuation (RCV/ACV) reports provide insurers with information and values in order to compensate clients for damages to personal or business property.

Our workflow is easily adapted to any insurers standard policies and procedures. Depreciation models are based on the life expectancy of items and information can be communicated in customizable or proprietary forms.

CPC representatives work with your client to ensure the accuracy of the inventory and pricing. Research is based on a regional database and geared towards local suppliers when available.

Contents claim analysis intuitively categorizes, groups similar items, assigns depreciation, generates and refines average pricing values; which allows for expedited turn around times and discounted rates on claims inventoried by CPC technicians. Our cleaning and restoration capabilities ensure claims accuracy as restorable items are not included on the schedule of loss.

CPC technicians follow a specific inventory process providing clients with the maximum details with minimal confusion. Reports can be organized by room or item category without duplication. Photos are linked to our reports for customer review. Contents claim analysts are experienced in working with clients to qualify submissions and provide an accurate, unbiased approach to all claims.

Remote Valuation Services

Contents Processing Centre uses large language models (LLM’s) to preprocess inventory text and categorizing the items, expediting the process and providing better results in the automated searches.

Statistical models are complimented by experienced claims analysts, our process is customized per the insurers and clients specifications.

Using regional filters; our team has the ability to process contents claims from any region in North America, United Kingdom, Europe.

Submit your inventory; Schedule of Loss reports to and we’ll begin processing your claim.

CPC representatives work with your client to ensure the accuracy of the inventory and pricing.