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Imagine coming out of the mall a week and a half before Christmas to find smoke billowing out of your car. As you do a double take, you cannot help but wonder what the inside of the car looks like. You open the driver’s door only to find that your driver’s seat, roof liner, and trim have burnt and your newly purchased Christmas gifts and personal items (CD’s, briefcase, laptop, documents, photos, etc.) inside of the car have incurred smoke damage.

While I have heard of a company that specializes in restoring items damaged by fire or water, I did not know what to expect, as this was the first time I needed their services.

From the moment I walked into Contents Processing Centre (CPC), I received the utmost in customer service. The management team at CPC showed a genuine concern for my situation and provided the only solution available to remove the smoke smell that permeated everything. Immediately, Operations Coordinator Paul Struhar brought my smoke damaged items to the receiving area where employees wasted no time in itemizing them and planning the most efficient cleaning method. Mr. Struhar then explained how CPC would use a combination of ultrasonic technology and innovative cleaning solutions to clean my various items.

While it was difficult leaving my personal belongings with a stranger, I quickly realized that CPC’s business is built on integrity and professionalism, as even my personal documents were handled in an extremely confidential manner.

It was with great anticipation that I looked forward to Monday morning when I would return to CPC to pick up my items. When I arrived, not only was the smoke smell gone from the items I had left but also each item was professionally packaged with CPCC (Contents Processing Centre Care).

While you may never have a need for the restoration services provided by CPC, I highly recommend that you keep their phone number close by, as someone you care about may one day appreciate the same level of customer service and satisfaction that I experienced at CPC.

To Chris Kelly

I would like to express a special thank-you to Chris Kelly and his team for the professional assistance in cleaning a very delicate communications environment. TELUS provides critical voice and data communications and at this particular location in Ontario the controlled environment failed, exposing the Main Telecom Room to conditions unsuitable for operations. Electronic components were already failing due to environmental conditions at a location that requires 100 % run time. The level of service and flexibility to meet time and procedural guidelines makes your team a pleasure to work with.

Prior to any work being performed the details were provided and mapped out as to how Chris and his team would proceed and address the cleaning. The result was a meticulous work effort resulting in a better than expected ending. Chris and his team are responsive to anything asked of them and always addressed any of our needs and concerns. The end results are seen in their planning strategy, and their willingness to address any of our needs and concerns promptly, and how they teamed with TELUS to clean this room and the equipment. The lab coats were a nice touch as well. They cleaned everything that was asked of them and worked a double shift at our request and at the last moment. This new plan allowed us to clean the voice and data equipment with minimal downtime, minimal outage and most importantly minimal disruption to operational activities.

Chris your team and the work they performed were excellent and we (TELUS) will keep your company first and foremost in our minds should there be a call for this type of work in the future. Should you ever need a reference I will be happy to respond.

Mark GoacherNational Implementation Manager - TELUS

I had spent some time finding a good solution to cleaning electronic components which have accumulated dirt and grime over the years. The dirt and grime effects the heat dissipation of the components which reduces the life of the units, not to mention the undue interruption in service.

We discovered Contents Processing Centre online in the hopes of finding a more effective way to clean robotic control units that were undergoing routine maintenance and diagnostics. After reviewing the detailed submission of their proposed cleaning process, we were confident enough to entrust them with a couple of these valuable units. As promised the parts were returned to us quickly and in like new condition; void of the residues, dust and any signs of being used in a factory setting. We have since shipped many more additional units to Contents Processing Centre which were quickly returned to us on time with the same great results.

Having Contents Processing Centre provide this service has allowed us to concentrate on other aspects of maintenance and re-conditioning.
We look forward to future dealings with Chris and his team at Contents Processing Centre and are currently making arrangements to expand the service level they currently provide.

We would highly recommend their services to any company working within the manufacturing industry.

Gurtej BainsControls Technologist Cosma/Promatek Research Centre

Just a quick note to thank the professional, courteous and hardworking clean up crew led by Heather and Holly. The pace at which they worked is admirable; this is not an easy job even in the very best of circumstances. We are truly grateful for all of their efforts!

Brian & Pat Beaumont

We value all of our client testimonials.