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Industrial clients have come to appreciate our attention to detail in developing and implementing a cleaning process for each item type. Adaptations and investments are made to our line when required and results are guaranteed.

Aqueous cleaning methods and low heat dry with the addition of air wash techniques will restore “like new” performance characteristics.

Where additional maintenance or calibration work is to be performed; a clean unit is easier to work on, problems are better defined and simpler to isolate yielding a more accurate diagnosis potentially eliminating unnecessary interchanging of precision components whose values have been seemingly modified by dirt leakage paths.

This process is safe for electronics as well as the environment that involves “modified” water with a special formulated detergent. Processed electronics dry residue and spot free.

Our skilled technicians precision clean:

  • Robotics modules, controllers, circuitry and drivers
  • Gear assemblies, fans and cooling components
  • Industrial computers and telecommunications
  • Data centres, network routers and switches, server units, rackmount cooling
  • Video surveillance monitors, relays and cameras
  • Smart train modules

Component Cleaning Cost Analysis

Submit your parts information below for a cost analysis and process outline.

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Contents Processing Centre is currently working on our ISO certifications and will meet any required productions standards or timelines.