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Detailed collectibles and general household items are processed using the Fireline ultrasonic cleaning system. Historically many of these items would not have been considered for restoration as the cleaning process was labour intensive and the results were inconsistent.

Ultrasonic cleaning is highly adaptable and versatile. Our technicians have the opportunity to control the rate of the soundwaves, the PH of the solutions and the emersion time. Experience is a key component of our cleaning success.

Contamination issues such as mould, heat scale, and oxides are easily resolved using the ultrasonic process. 

Metal parts that have acquired rust as a result of water damage can usually be restored to their original condition.

Our cleaning solutions include Benefect A-44 which is an environmentally preferable and safe solution for contents cleaning.

Boxed items documented during the Packout are tracked through production using the latest software features. Boxes are scanned using an iPhone or iPad which will show photos, information on the items and allow technicians to manage locations. Customers also have unlimited access to their personal or business property during the process.

Items that are easily cleaned include:

  • Intricate Figurines, collectibles, collector plates and sculptures
  • Dinnerware, flatware, kitchenware and crystal display pieces
  • Jewelry, finery and heirlooms
  • Machine parts, metal components
  • Automotive parts, aluminum parts
  • Tools, machinery and hardware
  • Small appliances, circuit boards, solid state electronics

Cleaning Success: Fireline Examples

Recovery RateReplacement CostLandfill Offsets mtCarbon Offsets mt



Our capabilities are available to the public. Let us restore your prized possessions.