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Electronics that have been cleared by our inspection process are submitted for cleaning using the Odell cleaning station. This technology has been proven safe and effective to clean electronics since 1948.

This environmentally friendly cleaning process uses modiļ¬ed water and detergents.

Overall CPC consistently restores over 80% of electronic items received for inspection and cleaning.

Our electronics cleaning division is equipped to handle larger equipment having reproduced the standard Odell cleaning station and drying cabinet on a larger scale in our plant.  Multiple cleaning stations are also available to technicians for processing larger orders and onsite cleaning is available for servers and other sensitive equipment.

Although damaged electronics are recycled with the proceeds donated to local charities; cleaning and recovery provides minimal environmental impact, keeping the original life expectancy of the item and eliminating the environmental burden of the replacement item.

Precision Electronics Cleaning Includes:

  • Televisions, receivers and home theatre
  • Computers, laptops, printers, scanners and home networking
  • Tablets, smartphones
  • Audio equipment, stereo components, amplifiers, digital media players
  • Shortwave radio, recording studio, soundboards, effects processors, keyboards
  • DJ equipment, mixers and lighting
  • Alarm, security systems, and smart home devices
  • 3D printers

Cleaning Success: Electronics Examples

Recovery RateReplacement CostLandfill Offsets mtCarbon Offsets mt



Our technology is available to the public and our technicians can improve the performance of your computers and home electronics.