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5 Tricks to a Green Halloween

By October 15, 2018March 25th, 2019No Comments

Our CPC Green Team has come up with FIVE TRICKS TO A GREEN HALLOWEEN to ensure you keep environmentally conscious during this fun Holiday!

Trick No 1. Trade costumes with friends:

Halloween outfits get worn once or twice for a few hours. Swapping with a pal means saving money. The average consumer spends about $30 per costume, according to the National Retail Federation and it lessens the clothing’s environmental impact. No need for a big soiree to exchange get-ups; bringing together a few people works too. Search National Costume Swap Day for an event nearby.

Trick No 2 Cook up face paint in your kitchen:

Mixing face paint in your kitchen isn’t tough at all. Start with a thick substance like unscented lotion or pure cocoa butter, then add natural food colouring or edible elements: blueberries for blue, beets for red, cinnamon for brown, maybe not as easy as purchasing face paint but safer and better for the environment

Trick No 3 Use the whole pumpkin:

Purchase one that is local, preferably from a nearby farmer’s market rather than the grocery store. It’s helpful to procrastinate; the longer you wait before getting your pumpkin, the longer you have before it rots. When carving the orange globe, save the innards and seeds for eating, and at the holiday’s end, compost the gourd

Trick No 4 Get crafty:

Spook your neighbours with your spectacular skills and get creative, make ghosts from old sheets, make giant cobwebs with white yarn, or fill empty jars with coloured liquid “specimens.” Instead of purchasing a plastic once or twice useable candy collector, make one from an empty coffee can or pillow case!

Trick No 5 Stock up on green candy:

No need to give up sweets just to lessen your environmental footprint. There’s candy-with-a-cause sold by companies that donate a percentage of profits to charity. Or maybe you can focus on organic and fair-trade products, something like seed packets or toys made from recycled materials

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