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Clearing the Air

By September 7, 2018March 7th, 2019No Comments

Our consistent 80% recovery rate for claim affected electronics is a direct result of the standard process we use for handling electronics claims. Unbiased inspections and precision cleaning allow CPC to ensure our clients are provided with the highest care possible.

Although the technology we are using dates to the 1940’s, I find myself clarifying misinformation relayed to our clients by professional restorers, “the internet” and their claims advisors. Such that the items cannot withstand the slightest atmospheric changes and residue levels. Electronics are durable goods and can safely be restored using filtered water and detergents.

Manufactured electronics have included silicon coated circuit boards since the late 1990’s and with age tend to have gathered layers of household dust due to their magnetic field. Residues are quickly swept away with a dry method or airwash prior to being cleaned with detergents and rinsed with filtered or deionized water.

Our inspection criteria are very basic, identifying condition and functionality prior to the loss and potential claim related damages. Data recovery is up to the individual, but we certainly extract and return the harddrives from damaged computers and laptops. Software is not tested, but when the hardware passes inspection we will proceed with a detailed cleaning.

In the 10 years since we opened we maintained the life expectancy for 1000’s of electronics that would have in the past been submitted to a landfill or for recycling which equates to saving an average of $250,000 in electronic devices and equipment yearly offsetting 90 Tons of carbon emissions.

Bridging the gap to our industrial electronics cleaning services we service modules, controllers and circuitry that requires maintenance or refurbishment. Our technicians also provide maintenance cleaning for server equipment which increases the life expectancy and subsequently decreases power consumption.

Our reality is that consumption drives capitalism. The minimum we can do for this delicate planet of ours is make responsible, balanced and informed choices.

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